Tuesday, July 19, 2011

QNIC and some string blocks for RRCB

I have lots to share tonight!  I have been doing some sewing but have not had much time for blogging!  This is a pillowcase I made for my daughter--she picked out the fabric when we were in Ottawa on Canada Day weekend. I just love making these pillowcases!  Almost everyone in the family has them now--I gave my SIL hers this past weekend for her birthday along with the spinning 4-patch quilt that I have been working on recently. Actually, she received the quilt top for her birthday and I will have it quilted and bound for her for Christmas. You can see her pillowcase  (blue with flowers and yellow band) and her quilt top here. She was thrilled with both gifts and now my neices are complaining because they don't have special pillowcases from their favourite (only!) aunt.  (Don't tell them, but their pillowcases are made already--their birthday is in October --they are twins!)

Speaking of my neices, they were here for the weekend. We had lots of fun--we went to the market, baked a birthday cake for their mom, played games, went mini-golfing and out for ice cream. We went out to see this famous train engine who was visiting our town this past weekend:

We even did some sewing...we used my Go to cut out squares which we used to make this pattern on my design floor...

The girls sewed 5 rows of squares together and we will work on it again the next time they come to visit. This quilt will be donated to the Kids Quilts program at my quilt guild for a child in foster care. They have had some kids in their classes at school that were in foster care so they understand where the quilt is going. They had fun laying out all of the colourful squares to make the Trip Around the World pattern.

Just an update on Skye--he's getting bigger!

Last night, 4 quilting friends got together at Jacqui's for a QNIC. I just bought this Singer Featherweight machine and spent the evening trying it out. Jacqui and her husband collect old machines, refurbish them and sell many of them. I have had my heart set on buying a Featherweight for a while!  I made 6 string blocks for my RRCB quilt with my new machine last night--it sews like a dream.

Only 54 more string blocks to make...my new machine is going to get a workout!

Jacqui worked on some 3-D blocks.

Karen machine blanket stitched around the petals of the flowers on this wall-hanging.

And, Chris worked on some spinning 4-patch blocks with a cowboy theme. this quilt will be a Christmas gift for her neice.

We have not had very many QNIC's lately and vowed to get together to sew again soon.

Bye for now.


  1. Congratulations on your new machine! Love the colors in your string blocks. I've been making strings and DNP's with the black/white/lime green color scheme. I think I'm going to switch to beiges and browns. I love how peaceful the blocks look!

  2. It sounds like you have been very busy and having a lot of fun! I think I am feeling a little bit of "featherweight envy" - lucky you. Your puppy is very cute!

  3. Way to go on RRCB blocks! They are time consuming but gorgeous too!

  4. Enjoy your featherweight, I love mine. The string blocks are addicting, I finished mine for RRCB and began making dark string blocks. Although I need to finish the border on RRCB but meanwhile I have enough dark string blocks for another quilt. Yours are going to be great.