Sunday, April 15, 2012


I picked up this little quilt from the long arm quilter late this past week and put the binding on last night while watching TV. I started making these little liberated baskets from Gwen Marston's book, "Liberated Quiltmaking II" 18 months ago.

I brought them along to the Beaver Island Quilt Retreat last September and Gwen herself helped me to figure out how to put them together into this little wall hanging.

 I finished off the flimsey at the retreat and found it and the backing fabric while cleaning up my sewing room recently (a job that is still not done!).

The addition of "U-Pick" was Gwen's idea. The free pieced letters were inspired by Tonya Ricucci's book "Word Play Quilts".

The quilting was done by Cathy at "Eagle's Wings Quilts".

My "Roll Roll Cotton Boll" quilt is still waiting patiently for its turn on the frame an another long arm quilter's house.

Have a good week!


  1. What a wonderful memory quilt from your retreat with Gwen :)

  2. You are a winner ;o) Please drop me an email with your details and I'll get your prize in the post next week.

  3. Well, now you have a winning quilt, and you are also the prize winner at Jane's better buy a lottery ticket!

  4. What a wonderful and original quilt!

  5. really fun. and woohoo, sewing with Gwen!