Monday, April 30, 2012

What do these quilts have in common???

Just to prove that I have actually been doing a bit of sewing, here is a pile of HST's for the next step in the Stars for My Friends mystery. They are now pressed and ready for the next part of the process. I can hardly wait to show pictures of this flannel quilt!  It is going to be so cozy and warm!

My friend, Karen, and I went to the Piecemaker's quilt show in St. Mary's on Saturday. There were lots of quilts on display and at least 10 vendors offering many opportunities for us to part company with our money. (We each bought a few fat quarters, and I bought a 24" quilt hanger--that's it!) When I got home, I looked at all the pictures that I had taken of the quilts that I really liked...
Nothing like a Blue and Neutral quilt...

This is a close up of a quilt I might like to try one day...

I wonder if there were any spiders caught in these webs???

This quilt was made from many different homespuns--the colours are a bit washed out in this photo. 

WOW! I did not stop to count the number of pieces in this postage stamp quilt with the appliqued border.   Here is a closeup:

The log cabin quilt below was in the wall hanging category and it got my vote for viewer's choice in this category!

Here is a close up of the quilting:

Leave a comment if you can figure out what it is that these quilts have in common and I will you send a little surprise if you are the first one to guess!

My husband and I spent much of our time on the weekend working on the gardens in the backyard. We planted a tree for Earth Day, a little late, but late is better than never. I took a peak at the rhubarb patch while we were outside and saw this:

Hmmm...Perhaps there would be enough to pick for dessert...

Don't you just love the colour of rhubarb???

I made one of our favourite desserts--rhubarb crisp!  There is even some leftover for tonight as well!


  1. Amazing postage stamp. One of my favorites. And, I envy you your rhubarb. YUM!

  2. I can't imagine what they have in common, but I'm going to guess that they were all made by men. Lovely - especially love the postage stamp one - that's my kind of quilt! And I sure do wish I had rhubarb. I need to just plant it, don't I?

  3. Love that log cabin, they've always been my favorite. I'm guessing they are all scrap quilts.

  4. Hi Cozy - I made my guess before looking at comments and it is "Scrappy", I hope I win. Our gardens here in North Bay are barely peeking thru the dirt.

  5. The quilts are all scrappy! Char's prize is on its way to her!