Monday, July 23, 2012

Trip to the Bell Homestead

My husband and I had some major Aunt and Uncle time this past weekend when our twin nieces came for the weekend. On Saturday, we went on a field trip to Brantford, Ontario where we went on a tour of the Bell Homestead, home of the family of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone and many other items.

We had a very interesting tour of the house where I spotted and photographed several quilts and household items.

The laundry was done out on the back porch, right beside the resting place festooned with a quilt...

Can you see the double wedding ring quilt under the dress on the bed???

I had not seen this block before--does anyone know what it is called?

Here is a close up--take a look at that paisley border!

My grandmother used to make doilies--I have a few of them that she made for me. This pretty one was hanging from a shelf in one of the rooms.

The stove in the kitchen was called the "Happy Thought" range!

Any one want to hazzard a guess about what this is?
(Clue: I work with the modern versions of this at my job)

We also saw a few Barn Quilts on our field trip day--this one was at the Bell Homestead and depicts the first telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

This Jacob's Ladder block was on the garage at the Red Red Bobbin Quilt Shop where there was an outdoor quilt show on that day with several quilts hung out on the clotheslines between the trees around the store.

Here are a few more of the Barn Quilts we saw on our way home after our fun day!

Musket Balls

Our Mount Pleasant Home

Patriot's Star

McAlister Thistle


I am looking forward to another road trip to see some more barn quilts soon!

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