Sunday, January 27, 2013

Crossing things off my list...

Yesterday, the Elgin Piecemakers had  a sewing day at a local church. Sixteen of us gathered to sew and several worked on charity comfort quilts for adult chemo patients at our local hospital. Pat and I had a jelly roll, donated by Pam at Mad About Patchwork for our project. Here is the quilt top we created. We hope this will brighten someone's days as they have their treatments for cancer. It will be quilted shortly with a flannel backing.

Debbie and Diane had a second jelly roll of the same fabric, again donated by Pam. Here is what they did with their jelly roll:

It was a fun day and I will try to do another blogpost about it later this week.

After we finished our quilt top, I worked on catching up with blocks for my mystery quilt. I had to make a few more rail fence blocks and trim the hourglass blocks.  Then, I made 72 HST's and now, I am all caught up!

I am hoping to get a couple of quilt backs pieced this week so that I can start a new project next week. I am trying hard to stay away from my stash so that I am not inspired to start my Scrappy Trips quilt before I finish off the projects on the list. The stash is just so tempting and it is calling my name loudly... I will resist and stay focussed!

This morning, there was frost everywhere and we had to stop the car so I could get some pictures:


I could have spent an hour or more taking pictures before the frost melted away, but we were on our way out for breakfast and we were already late. Maybe next time...

I picked up the Outhouse quilt at the quilter's house on Wednesday and finished hand sewing the binding down on Friday night so I could give it to my FIL today. Cathy did a great job on the quilting--Tractors!

Here is the completed quilt, held by my capable quilt holder, my husband.
My FIL loved his quilt and was quite amused by the outhouses!  It is wonderful to bring a smile to someone's face with my quilts! 


  1. It is a fun quilt. I'm glad you and he were happy with it.

  2. What a fun happy quilt that first one is! Love the colors and what you all did with those fabrics!

  3. What a great "tumbling outhouses" it!
    What gorgeous photos of the frost!
    I have never heard of someone being tempted by their stash... usually the temptation is to buy something new, so that's a good thing isn't it?

  4. Beautiful quilt. Isn't it great when the recipient is so happy with the quilt.