Monday, February 11, 2013

Scrappy Trips Underway!

I made some more Scrappy Trips blocks tonight. Now, I have 10 blocks done.

I have the strips sewn together for 5 more blocks and I cut more strips to make 5 more blocks for a total of 20.  This quilt top is coming together very quickly...I will try to do a few more tomorrow night. I would like to make another scrappy trips quilt in some brighter colours. 

We had a frosty morning again yesterday...I took this picture from a moving car. The trees and bushes were glistening!


  1. Those blocks are looking awfully good! It's addictive, isn't it? I want to make one in more feminine colors...I'm thinking florals.

  2. Your scrappy trip is coming along beautifully. I like your colour choices.