Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sew-In Day

Today was a great day!  My friends Karen, Christine and Cathy came over for a sew-in day. Our quilt guild had planned a Quilt til you Wilt day for next Saturday and none of us were able to go for various reasons so I decided to have them come here today. We had 4 sewing machines on the dining room table.

It took a while to get them all to look up from their sewing machines and look at me so I could take this picture. Christine insisted on taking a picture of me too.

Christine worked on quilting a baby quilt.

She managed to finish the quilting and trim it so that she can add the binding this week.

Karen worked on a quilt top for the single bed in the spare bedroom at her house.

By the end of the day, she had finished the top. She would like to add a couple of borders to this top but may need to do some shopping, either in her stash, or at a fabric store.

In progress...
Cathy started a new project and finished two blocks. She had all of her cutting done before she arrived.

And here are her two finished blocks:
Only 14 more to go!
I worked on the borders of my Great Granny Squares quilt top.
I love the colours in this quilt...
I added all three borders today so now this top is finished and ready for the long arm quilter!
We took the top outside to get this picture. It was a bright sunny day today after yesterday's snowstorm.

I gave myself permission to start a new project...this is the first block of a scrappy trips quilt. My Go cutter made quick work of cutting the strips for these blocks. I finished three blocks by the end of the evening and have a good start on 12 more blocks.  It should not take too long to finish this quilt.


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I love all of the projects!

  2. Yippee for not letting the schedule get you down, making your own sewing day! It is a joy to sit and create with friends, and it make you more inspired than when you started. Good for you all ~

  3. What fun! Christine's baby quilt looks like something I'm about to get started on. I love the border you added to your Granny Square quilt.

  4. Your Great Granny looks amazing! Congrats on a great top!