Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sewing in the Car

I have continued to hand quilt my liberated squirrel wall hanging over the last couple of weeks. We had family visiting from out of town for a few days and then spent this past weekend visiting my daughter before her last term at university starts.  I brought along this quilt to work on in the car.

It was a long drive so I got a lot done as we travelled along.

I outlined all of the triangles in the top and bottom borders.

The sides have brown wavy lines and green circles which I outlined with some quilting.  When I got home and looked at the entire quilt, I realized that the quilting I had done on this border did not show up very well and did not fit in with the rest of the quilt, so I decided to unsew it!  Tonight, I tried something different and outlined each circle about a 1/4" out from the edge with green thread....I am liking this better!

I have not decided what to do about the brown wavy line--should I do any quilting along it or not???  What do you think?

My goal is to have this quilt finished by next week's guild meeting so I can bring it for show and tell. I will be entering this quilt and several others in our London Friendship Quilter's Guild Quilt show in October.  My next hand sewing projects will not be as exciting as this one has been... I have sleeves to add to a few quilts and binding on a couple of quilts I just got back from the long arm quilter to do.  I would love to have these projects done at least a week ahead of time so that I am not flying by the seat of my pants at the last minute!

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