Sunday, September 7, 2014

Slow Stitching for a Sunday Afternoon

As you can see, I am still working at finishing my liberated squirrels quilt. I love the way the quilting is looking on this border now--much better than my first attempt (see my last post...the un-sewing did not take nearly as long as the quilting)! I have just a little bit more to do on this quilt before it is done and I can get the binding on it! I have enjoyed hand quilting this project--my behind the quilt finger is not quite so happy, but that is ok!

Today, I have a choice of two projects to work on for Slow Stitching Sunday--the squirrel quilt, or the binding on my Lazy Sunday Mystery.

 I made the binding and sewed it on by machine before supper yesterday. It is a scrappy binding made from all of the blue fabrics in the quilt. The backing fabric was purchased in Michigan last year when I was at the Beaver Island Quilt Retreat. I will post a picture of the quilt when it is done.

Happy Slow Sunday Stitching to you!


  1. Oh I agree it looks much better. Luckily those hand quilting stitches come out pretty easily. Have fun putting in some stitches today!

  2. Looking VERY nice. This made me laugh...I have neighborhood squirrels that come to visit for peanut treats.Generally they come up onto the porch cautiously ...not too long ago I was hand quilting out there and two little squirrels came chasing each other ...startled the heck out of me and I stabbed that under the quilt finger bad enough to need a band aid. I had to move to another finger that day! :)

  3. I like today's border much better too. "Liberated Squirrels" made me laugh. What a fun quilt. (The squirrels around here are far too liberated if you ask me.) And I know what you mean about the "behind the quilt finger". I have a big callous on mine.

  4. The blue binding is perfect! I love how bright it is.

  5. I like the stitching on the "Liberated Squirrels". It is always annoying to have to un-stich. The new stitching is better though. I sympathize with the plight of the "behind the quilt finger". Mine felt and looked like a rough pin cushion while I was quilting my Peanuts quilt. I am glad to take a quilting break for a little while. I think I would work on the binding today. Finishes are always so satisfying.

  6. oh binding I vote for that then the quilt will be done!
    I have to go back and read your posts about the Beaver Island Retreats. I always dreamed of taking a week class with Gwen. so sorry I missed my opportunity.

  7. I'd do the binding first... but that is my favorite part. Enjoy your stitches whatever you decide to work on today.

  8. Your scrappy binding looks like the perfect project to work on. The quilt looks gorgeous, just from the sneak peek!

  9. I adore that little bit of your Lazy Sunday Mystery quilt...can't wait to see more. Our squirrels here are quite liberated...and good entertainment for the indoor kitties who love to watch them.