Saturday, September 27, 2014

Yet Another Finish

Can you tell that our London Friendship Quilters Guild Show is coming up in less than a month?  I am working hard to finish off the quilts that I will be entering in the show--bindings, labels and hanging sleeves--only one more sleeve and a couple of labels to go!

The Lazy Sunday Mystery is a Bonnie Hunter Pattern that was in 4 consecutive issues of Quiltmaker Magazine a while back. I finally had it quilted by Cathy recently and finished off the binding a couple of weeks ago. I was too busy to blog about it until now!

 That's me peeking out from behind the quilt on the left side of the picture.   The picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when Kathy, Cathy, Barb and Christine were here for a sewing day.  The colours are a bit washed out in this picture.

It looked like this from the back of the quilt!

Cathy used an angel pantograph for the quilting.

My husband and I took a drive in the country today and we stopped so I could take a few pictures.

It was a beautiful day for a jaunt along some country roads!


  1. Congratulations on a great finish.

  2. This is a beautiful the colors ! I had to laugh...I was too busy looking at the quilt to see you peeking out until you said so! : )

    Lovely roadside flowers...aren't they so pretty in late summer / early autumn?

  3. Such a gorgeous quilt! It was wonderful to see it in "real life"!

  4. Striking and beautiful quilt, congratulations!