Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Quilt for Baby N

Last November, I made a "baby quilt in waiting" --just so I could have a baby quilt ready to give should a baby come along.

Yesterday, this quilt found a new home.  My cousin's daughter had a baby girl three weeks ago.  Here is baby N with her new quilt.

I think she likes it!  Her Mom's favourite colours are orange and gray...I had no idea! 

When I was in high school, I made my first quilt... I used a single piece of yellow broadcloth and hand appliqued blue calico squares onto it in a checkerboard pattern, leaving a yellow border around the checkerboard part.  I added a yellow ruffle around the edge and sewed the back to the front and turned it inside out.  A puffy polyester bat was stuffed inside and smoothed out as much as possible.  I tied it at each corner of the squares with blue embroidery floss.  I was very proud of that quilt and kept it for several years until my cousin had a baby...Baby N's Mom. Yesterday, I asked if she remembered her yellow and blue quilt--It turns out that she still has it!!!!  She is going to send me a picture, because I  did not take a picture of it when I made it.

I love making baby quilts!  I need to get my "S" quilt quilted so that I am ready for the next baby who comes along!


  1. cute baby and quilt - I so love a baby with a head of hair probably because mine were both born with so much and kept it

  2. Yes, I also think she like it! How special that she still has your first quilt. I do how you will show it to us!

  3. Gorgeous quilt. I like the idea of having a quilt in waiting. I have panels ready to make up just in case

  4. Such a cute baby and a beautiful quilt ♥