Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Creating Texture

I have spent much of my sewing time over the last 2-3 weeks creating texture in the background of this quilt.  I started this top at a workshop in 2014 with Kathy Doughty from Australia. The workshop was called "Modern Wedge".  

I put the background together earlier this year and hand appliqued my snaky wedges to the background.  I brought the quilt top to the Walking foot quilting class I took in April with Jacquie Gering.  It was Jacquie who suggested the asymmetric grid for the background of this quilt.  It has taken me several hours, but I am finally finished quilting the texture into the neutrals.  

I have an idea of how to quilt the curved parts but wanted to finish the background parts first.   Now that this part is done, I can change my thread colour and start on the curves.
 Don't forget to come back to see if my idea works!


  1. I love the texture you have quilted into this quilt. It looks great. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the curves.

  2. Loving how the quilting looks so far. Great texture

  3. My favorite quilting! I love how it adds depth and texture to any quilt!