Monday, August 15, 2016

Thistles this week...

Christine and I sewed tonight.  We made two thistles each for our Fancy Forest quilts. 

The yellow fabric on the left thistle looks a lot more green in real life!  

Here are Christine's thistle blocks:

I like the way the striped leaves look on her thistles. 

Next, we will be making hedgehog blocks...I have mine cut out already and Christine will be cutting hers out before we get together to sew them.

Christine and I have been getting together to sew one evening a week (most weeks!) for several years now. It is great to have one evening together a week when we don't do anything but sew (and chat!)... Much has been accomplished over the years.

I had some visitors in my garden this week:

(Same butterfly, underside of wing...)

The wasps are out in full force these days.


  1. You are a brave woman getting that close to a wasp! Pretty thistles; may they only attract butterflies! ;)

  2. Your butterfly pictures are amazing! And your quilt is shaping up too!