Saturday, April 22, 2017

Slow Stitching

On Saturday, Karen and I went to the Embroiderer's Guild show in London (Canada).  We all sorts of wonderful hand stitching projects including cards, book covers, fidget blankets, ornaments, knitting, tatting, and wall art.  I was ready to grab my phone and take some pictures when I saw the sign...No Photograhs.  You will just have to take my word for it...the show was inspiring!

I did some more sewing in the car this week.  

I finished two more plus signs.  

I'm also making 140 4" square bean bags for a weighted blanket.  Each one is hand sewn shut after I add the plastic beads.  I have 40 completely done...only 100 more to go.  

More flowers blooming this week...

I will be linking up with Kathy and the other slow Stitchers in the morning.  


  1. lovely spring flowers and sewing. the weighted blanket is a new one to me ; fascinating!

  2. The daffodils are so pretty...mine are blooming down the hill just out of sight but there's poison ivy around them so i cant move them closer. Im severely allergic to the ivy....Very tempted though.

  3. The plus signs are so darn cute! So great that you are stitching them in the car and making use of that time.
    What is a weighted blanket for?

    1. A weighted blanket is used by someone with anxiety, autism or other health issues. The weight of the blanket makes them feel more secure as they sleep. I was asked by someone to make a blanket for a member of their family . There are 140 pockets on the inside of the blanket and each one will contain a bean bag. There are Velcro closures on each pocket so that the beanbags can be removed for washing the blanket. The blanket I am making will weigh about 25 lbs.

  4. I wonder too - what is a weighted blanket and what is it used for?

  5. I am very curious about what is the bean plastic you use for this quilt. I have never hear about this before, very interesting. Don't forget to show us the finished blanket. Beautiful flowers!

  6. I too was going to ask what a weighted blanket would be used for but I've just read your explanation above. I can understand how it would make someone feel more secure! Lovely flowers too.