Friday, April 28, 2017

When Life Gives You Scraps, Make a Quilt!

I'm sure all of you are familiar with an overflowing scrap bin (or two!).  A few years ago, I had two overflowing scrap bins of flannel bits and pieces.  Many of the pieces were leftovers from flannel pj's I have made for my daughter and my twin nieces over the years.  I decided to tame the flannel scrap bin and made each of the girls a lap quilt from their PJ fabrics.  I used up lots of scraps in the tops and   several yards of hunks and chunks in the pieced backs. The best part of this--I was down to one bin from two after the quilts were made!

This is my daughter's quilt. 

This one belongs to one of my nieces.  (I can't find a picture of the third quilt.)

There was still lots of fabric left so last year, I made a flannel vortex quilt, which I gave to a friend who was going through treatments for breast cancer.  She found it quite cozy while resting after her hospital visits.

I have added to the flannel scrap bin over time with cut off's from quilt backs so now it is overflowing again.  Time for another scrap vortex quilt...this time I am using up my brightly coloured flannel scraps.

I had lots of small pieces as well as strips which I cut up into smaller pieces.  According to Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts, you just take two pieces and sew them together and then keep doing this over and over again. 

Press each twosie and then sew the twosies together to make bigger pieces.  This is a long process and involves lots of pressing and trimming and sewing and then more pressing, trimming and sewing.

Here is my progress so far.

I am hoping this will become a baby quilt in waiting.  There is no baby in mind for this quilt, but if one comes along, I will be ready with a gift.


  1. I need to really dig in the scrap bins and get some scrappy quilts done for charity or something - the bins are never going to empty at this rate.

  2. I love scrap quilts! Your work is sew inspiring ... :) Pat

  3. It's such a fun process... I just love it!

  4. Your vortex flannel quilts are wonderful. I'm interested to see your next scrap quilt develop!

  5. Love flannels. Somehow the prints and colors are brighter than reqular quilting cotton. You will be ahead when a baby comes along.