Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Canada 150 Pillows

On Saturday afternoon, after cleaning the windows, I went down to my sewing room to finish off my two Canada flag pillows while my husband made supper.  This one is for my daughter. I picked the fabrics in the white section and she picked the red fabric.  We will bring it to her when we go to visit later this month.  The back of it is the same red fabric. 

 This is my pillow.  I took these two pictures out in our gazebo.  My pillow will live on the bench in my front hall for the summer.  I did not have enough of the red flower fabric for the back so I used two maple leaf fabrics on the back. Both pillows have a zipper in the back so the covers can be taken off to be washed.

The pattern for these pillows is available from Christine here.   This is a great time to show our pride in being Canadian with July 1st being Canada's 150th birthday!

Here is the back of my pillow:

And, here it is on the bench in my front hall. 

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!


  1. I love these pillows! Do you use a premade pillow form?

  2. These are gorgeous pillows!!

  3. They look great! I'd like to do something for Canada 150 too, but I'm not totally decided on exactly what. Maybe I just need to start!