Sunday, July 9, 2017

Making Blocks in the Sewing Room

I made a couple of blocks for my liberated sampler quilt this week.  This little liberated basket is made using Gwen Marston's method.  It is meant to be a bit tipsy!  I am just going to add a touch of orange here and there on this quilt and the basket handle seemed like a perfect spot for some orange.

This one is called a cross block.   Each block is 6.5" square and there will be 64 blocks in this quilt.  I still have lots of blocks to make--I have 6 done now.  I will try to make a few more this week.  The pattern is from  The basket block was my own addition to the quilt...she has a couple of blocks that I am not keen on so I will just substitute my own blocks for those ones.

On Saturday, I had a friend, Cathy, over to sew for the afternoon.  I made the most recent block for my Holly Jolly Christmas quilt.  There are only three blocks to go...

Here is my completed wreath block.  Below, you can see all of my blocks so far.

My garden is looking great right now.  We have had a lot of rain so everything is very lush. I planted this red echinacea last year.  There are lots of flowers just opening up on this plant.

The pink ones are putting on a show as well. 


  1. Great progress on all! Loving the sampler blocks!

  2. I love all of the great little blocks. I can't wait to see it all put together. --Andrea

  3. Your wreath block is so lovely. I have fallen way behind in this project and appreciate seeing your blocks to motivate me to get that box out and get caught up!

  4. All of your blocks are so pretty! I love the little basket especially!

  5. Your blocks look great together! I need to get the wreath made before Saturday!

  6. I think your Christmas quilt is fabulous!