Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Churn Dash Swap

Last year, Christine and I signed up for a swap with "Fun With Barb".  We made Broken Dishes blocks for the last swap--I have still not done anything with my blocks but Christine has her quilt top made. I am waiting for inspiration on how to put them together.  This will come in time.

This year's swap is 6 1/2" Churn Dash blocks.  I need to make 54.  My first one is shown above.

They are rather addictive!

I ran out of the green fabric and switched over to magenta.

Then, I ran out the first background fabric I had chosen, so I found another one and kept sewing...

Here is a close up of the other two background fabrics I am using.

I have started cutting some purple churn dashes but they are not sewn together yet.  I will show more pictures in a future blogpost. I have 23 completed blocks so far.  Only 31 to go!

I hope to do some more sewing tomorrow before I head off to work.  If I get up a bit earlier than usual and get moving, I can spend 30-45 minutes in the sewing room before I leave...

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