Saturday, January 6, 2018

More Snow...

We have had some snow every day this past week. Maybe that is what inspired me to work on some more snow on my counted cross stitch project.  Tonight, while watching the mixed doubles curling Olympic trials on TV,  I added the white snow shown above.  The light blue parts were added earlier in the week. The threads used in the snow include a monofilament that adds some sparkle but continues to be a pain to use as it breaks and tangles easily, even when I use thread heaven on it.  I will soldier on using it because I like how it looks.

 Earlier in the week, I added outlining to the blue jay and twigs to the branches on this snowman.

I also finished off the yellow birds and the twigs on this snowman.  I still need to add the French knots to the branches and the eyes of the birds. I will do this when the cross stitching and outlining are done.

We undecorated the Christmas tree this weekend.  These three spool ornaments were made by my friend, Pat, for me for Christmas this year.  She enjoys cross stitching too!

If you read my previous post, you will know that I have started reading a new book that I received for Christmas from my husband.

The chapters weave the story of three people, all from different time periods--1911, 1950's and 2016, and how their lives intersect with a Singer sewing machine built in 1911.  I plan on doing some more reading in the morning while having a cup of tea.  So far, it is an interesting story and I am intrigued to see how it will unfold.  I am on pg. 65...

I will be linking up with Kathy's blog in the morning.


  1. I had someone recommend that book a while ago, unfortunately our small Library doesn't have it. Let us know if you would recommend it.

  2. Very nice stitching. Stay warm!

  3. I will need to look for the book, thanks for mentioning it - love the snowman!

  4. Cute x-stitch. I like anything with snowmen although I don't like going out in the snow much now that I'm an old lady. I just have to remember snowman making in the days of yore!!

    Gosh, I would be shocked if my husband ever bought me a book that sounds so interesting. He thinks his taste in books are the same as mine and they are actually very different!!!!

  5. I added that book to my "Want to Read" list. Your birds are looking more like birds with each outline. I am enjoying watching your progress. I love those spool ornaments.

  6. You are certainly getting some extreme weather in your part of the world! At least you have stitching to keep you occupied, and snowmen seem very apt.

  7. Your cross stitch piece looks so pretty! After seeing your friends spool ornaments it makes me wish I hadn't donated all of my wooden spools to Sally Ann. Have you tried using shorter lengths of the troublesome thread?

  8. Great cross stitch progress!
    Must get me that book!