Friday, January 5, 2018

Comfort Quilt Blocks and a New Book

I am trying to get a few months ahead on my blocks for the comfort quilts that the Elgin Piecemakers make each month.  We were given a list of the colours/guidelines for each block in November and I now have the blocks done for January through April.   The mauve, white and green block above is my own design, worked out on graph paper, before cutting the pieces and sewing them together.   It looked like a bit of hot mess when I had it laid out on my sewing table before sewing it together, so I was very relieved when the finished block turned out ok!

The block for April was to be made from orange, yellow and white and be some sort of disappearing block. I found some "orange" fabric, probably more literal that was intended, in my stash.  I made a nine patch and then cut it twice on an angle.  I had to play around with the layout to make it fit under the 12 1/2" ruler when it was sewn together.

I find these blocks are great to work on when I don't feel like tackling a larger project.

My husband bought me a new book for Christmas and I started reading it tonight.  It was written by a woman from Britain.  He heard about this book on the Wigtown Book Festival Facebook page.  My husband is an avid reader and is always reading reviews and information about potential books to read.  He thought I would enjoy this one.  I read the first 25 pages tonight--I hope to have some time tomorrow to read more.  

By the way, we finished our puzzle that I showed a couple of posts back.

We received two puzzles for Christmas.  This was a great family activity over the holidays.

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  1. That is a lovely puzzle for the holidays! Let us know how the book is... looks interesting!