Friday, May 24, 2019

10 More Blocks

Since I had my fabrics out for this project, I decided to make a few more blocks this week.  Most days, I had a chance to sew for at least 30 minutes so I was able to get 10 more done.

Some blocks take a lot longer to make with lots of pieces to cut and sew together.

I am actually running out of some of the fabrics in my black and white stash which is great because some of them have been in there for a long time and needed to get used up.

I have now completed 77/100 blocks in my Tula Pink Modern Sampler quilt.  I will keep plugging away at this project and should soon be done making the blocks...Now, how to set them...?

The bleeding hearts in my garden are in bloom.  This little plant is a baby from my larger one in a different garden.  I was happy to see it survived being transplanted and is adding a spot of colour to my shade garden.

I finally figured out the fabrics for the borders on my Coming Home BOM quilt.  I have chosen the colours for the houses in the next border as well and have started construction on the roofs. I will post pictures when I get the next border finished and sewn on to the centre.


  1. wild prints! I wish my bleeding hearts had not died - I had them in too much shade maybe

  2. I love how those B&W prints make the colors pop!! Beautiful work on these--I love them...;))) hugs, Julierose