Saturday, May 18, 2019

Slow Stitching this Week

I had to move the hoop up this week on my Waterlilies Cross Stitch project...this project has very little cross stitching and tons of outlining to do. I'm loving the colours on this picture. 

I finally took my 4 finished cross stitch pictures in to be framed this week.  The snowmen are going to have red matting and a rustic white frame.  Two of the Frank Lloyd Wright pictures's frames were easy to pick but the third one is giving me trouble...

I think the black frame is too stark but I'm not sure about the bottom frame.  The framer is going to look through her stock to see if there is anything else that might be suitable. I am not doing matting on any the FLW pictures.  There will be spacers between the fabric and the frame so the glass is not touching the stitching.  The pictures will be displayed in the same vicinity in my house but not beside each other. 

I made two more Tula Pink One Hundred blocks sampler blocks this week.  I need to get back to work on my houses for the next border of my Coming Home BOM quilt.  That will be this week's project, I hope. I need to make a final decision on what colour the background fabric will be for the next border first. 

Look who is visiting this weekend!  We went for a long walk this afternoon and now he is fast asleep on the couch. 

My fothergilla bush is blooming in the backyard this week.  I love this time of year!


  1. I always find your cross stitch so interesting to look at it is so different then most I see

  2. Wow! I had to look up your fothergilla bush because I had never heard of it. Surprised me that it was doing so well because the MO Botanical Garden says it comes from southern US. You must have it in a great spot!

    I hope your framer comes up with a wonderful frame for your FLW pieces. They are truly works of art and deserve the PERFECT frame.

  3. I agree that the black frame is too stark. The other one seems to work though, but obviously it has to work for you. You are making good progress on your latest FLW. Those colors are so pretty as are the latest blocks. Finn looks quite happy. I bet you are glad to have him around again.

  4. What a fun visitor to have around! Hope the framer can find something you like. The colors in your new project are just beautiful. Very springy.

  5. I think you are right the black is a bit too heavy for your FLW. The new one is coming along nicely (and I too love the colours) Finn looks happy. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Have fun with your furry quilting assistant!
    Enjoy your slow stitching!