Saturday, July 13, 2019

A Little of This and a Little of That

I have worked on a variety of hand sewing projects in the past week. I finally got back to working on my Coming Home BOM designed by Sarah Fielke.  There is a lot of applique to do for the next couple of steps so I am making an effort to get caught up.  There are two crescent moons and two suns in the current border.  I did the moons last weekend and this weekend, I am working on the suns.   I appliquéd the circles onto the yellow sun rays today at the London Modern Quilt Guild meeting. 

Both suns are now ready to appliqué onto the corner blocks.

I was going to make the circles yellow and the sun rays magenta but my daughter gave me the idea of doing it the other way around.  I like it!

I finished off the last moon out in the gazebo one evening earlier this week.  It reminds me of that old song...Blue Moon...

The London Modern Guild is having their first ever quilt show in September so I spent some time this week adding hanging sleeves to my quilts for the show as I watched a movie.  All three quilts are now ready for the show. 

Last weekend, Christine, my husband and I went to see the Nancy Crow quilt exhibit at the Mansfield  Art Centre in Ohio.  I had seen some of her quilts in Toronto, Ontario and Muskegon, MI in the last couple of years and jumped at the chance to see more of them in Ohio.  I wasn't allowed to take any pictures of the quilts but did take a picture of the poster. The quilts were amazing...I recommend you see them if you can!

We also toured the Weltzheimer/Johnson House in Oberlin, OH.  Frank Lloyd Wright was the architect.  My husband and I have toured several of the houses/buildings that he designed and jumped at the chance to see another one.  This one is owned by Oberlin College and is open for tours one Sunday a month.

The house was build for a family of 6 and has an interesting ball detail around the entire roof.

I immediately noticed that the ceilings were a courthouse step pattern...

While in Mansfield, we briefly walked around the gardens at Kingwood (until we had to race back to the car because it started to pour rain!) and I took this picture at the lily pond in one of the gardens.  It was my favourite picture of the day!

I did some more stitches on Frank in the car on the way to and from Ohio last weekend.  I need to do more cross stitching before I add some more outlining.  Christine did some knitting in the car but I did not get a picture.

My daughter also did some cross stitching this week...I think the palm tree gives away the city she is working on...Miami!

Finn did not want her to do any work on her computer today...

I will be linking up with Kathy and the other slow Sunday stitchers in the morning.  Take a look at the other blogs for fun and inspiration!  The link is in my sidebar.


  1. Your suns are lovely--I really like the gold/magenta colorways...Nancy Crow was one of the first quilters whose books I pored over--she IS amazing...sounds like you had a lovely time hugs, Julierose

  2. I love your spot for stitching! FLW is looking good and really growing. Your trip looked like fun and the photo of the water Lilly is excellent. Like julierose Nancy crow was one of the first quilters to catch my imagination!

  3. Sounds like a fun trip.Love the sunny yellow suns with magenta centers.

  4. Oh that sun and the moon are just lovely and what a great place to stitch. The lily photo is stunning.

  5. I love your spot for stitching. You have some lovely work there

  6. Your gazebo looks like a wonderful place to spend time! I love that you're stitching about Frank Lloyd Wright and also were able to go see one of his houses. They are always so fascinating!

  7. Oh wow--that water lily photo is a winner--you need to enter that in a photo contest--it would win that is for sure!!!
    the cross stitch projects are coming along nicely--
    luv, di

  8. Your gazebo looks the perfect place to stitch

  9. So much eye candy on your post, but my fave is the lily pond photo... prize winner for sure!

  10. Sarah Fielke has such style. It appears that you are doing needleturn applique. Interesting that you spotted the log cabin pattern in the ceiling. City cross stitch mystery solved by a palm tree clue. :-)