Saturday, February 8, 2020

Appliqué Chimneys and a New Project

A few weeks ago, I noticed that another one of the Slow Sunday Stitchers was starting a new counted cross stitch project through Linen and Threads--it runs a new part of the pattern each month for a larger sampler project and there is a bonus Christmas ornament pattern each month as well.  I have decided to make a few of the Christmas ornaments and started the January pattern this week. The pattern suggests using one colour for the entire design but since I did not want to follow the directions, I picked out three shades of gray and a red to stitch my ornament. I managed to work on this most days this past week and I think it should be done by this time next week if I keep at it. 

(If you look at the pattern at the link, you will notice I made a few adjustments to the pattern due to my colour choices.)

This week, I finally got back to working on my Sarah Fielke 2019 BOM quilt--Coming Home.  For some reason, I had drifted away from this one for a few months and just could not get back at it.  The next stage involved picking colours for all of the houses on the next border and then piecing all of them.  (I actually still have a little bit of appliqué to do on the previous border as well--some stars near the moons and kites and birds near the suns.)  I started by picking out the colours...

The small houses were next.  I quickly realized that I would have to hand appliqué all the chimneys before adding the sky to each house.

I did one house at a time and soon the neighbourhood was growing.

The doors and windows will be added in one fell swoop when all of the houses are pieced.

The trees were completed in a previous step.

Soon, one "street" was completed and I was on to the next one.  There was a bit of paper piecing on the triangle sections of the larger houses.

I have four more houses to make to finish the last two sides.  Then, there will be lots of appliqué to keep me busy for a while.

I also made one more comfort quilt block this week for the Elgin Piecemakers Guild.  This one is for November 2020--green, black and tan.

I will be linking up with the Slow Sunday stitchers at Kathy's blog in the morning.


  1. Your Coming Home quilt is fabulous, isn't it. I love how the neighourhood is growing with each house being built and the trees growing rapidly. Such a beautiful quilt. Love too, your little cross stitch. I like the three greys you have selected to co-ordinate with the red. It is looking great.

  2. I've just started this years linen and thread challenge. I tried to resist but it was futile! I too like your choice of colours for the ornament. Your houses are great against those colours are fabulous!

  3. I guess more of us have succomb to the Linen and Threads SAL. I am not brave enough to use several colors, maybe some day. Your coming home quilt is really growing and all the details in it are going to make it special.

  4. I love that ornament. The greys and red make it quite pretty and unique. Your quilt is so pretty. I am glad that you have returned to it.

  5. Great projects! Love seeing how Coming Home is coming along! Happy stitching!

  6. I'm not sure if I have ever seen a finished quilt of Coming Home maybe everyone is stumped by it? it looks good I think

  7. I too love your Coming Home project. And it reminded me that Sarah's Grasshopper is tucked away in a tote for sometime later. all your projects. Enjoy the stitching today.

  8. I'm glad you picked up Coming Home. Sometimes there is some step that psychologically stops us on a project. I have a cross stitch project that I'd like to start along with a circle/arch them quilt. Other things are taking priority.

  9. Your coming home quilt is looking great. I love that circle tree block, my eyes keep being drawn to it. This is going to be a beautiful quilt.

  10. Your neighborhood is so great! I'd live there in a heartbeat!! :)

  11. What a gorgeous quilt! Lovely colours.
    I'm doing the Linen and Threads stitch-a-long too, but haven't done any of the ornaments yet. Still getting through February!