Saturday, March 6, 2021

Pineapple Log Cabin Class

This morning, I took a pineapple log cabin class through the Oxford Quilt Guild with Barb V. at Fun With Barb.  She was our Zoom speaker back in November and several members of the guild admired her pineapple log cabin quilt made with 1/2" logs. Someone on the executive suggested a class and so we invited Barb to return today for a Zoom class.  I contemplated fabric options for the quilt all week and, finally, just before class this morning, decided on orange and bright green scraps with a white solid background. Soon, I had enough scraps pressed and cut into strips to at least start my project.  Barb taught us how to make these blocks without paper's a bit tricky to get them started properly, but we were all soon on our way. 

The darkest orange centre square is a scrap from a friendship star quilt which I made for my daughter over 20 years ago.  So many memories attached to our scraps!

I had to be careful to make sure I put the green and orange scraps in the right spots...there may have been some un-sewing a couple of times during the class.

By the end of the class, I had a couple of rounds of each colour on my three blocks.  I think I will be making a table runner with my blocks.  I will figure out the size for each block as well as how many I need as I go along.  It would be nice to have this done sooner than later so I can put the runner out this Spring/Summer. I would highly recommend Barb Vedder as a speaker and workshop leader for your guild.   Thanks, Barb, for a great class!

I also made my green block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this week.  

I now have three blocks--yellow, pink and green.  I fussy cut the little chick in the middle of the block. 

I needed 4 more yellow and gray blocks for my next Colour Block Challenge quilt. I would love to get this top put together this coming week.

These three blocks are for an Elgin Piecemakers Comfort quilt...More scraps used up!

I have been reading Emma Donoghue's "The Pull of the Stars" this week for the Library book club which meets this coming Tuesday on Zoom.  I am just about done--I like the book but if you are the least bit squeamish about medical descriptions, this might not be the book for you.  It is set during the Spanish Flu Pandemic during WW1 and gives the reader insight into some of the difficulties during that time.  

My daughter has not had as much stitching time as usual this week but she did finish off the purple cone flower. 

Love Birds is about 1/2 finished now.  I purchased more blue thread this week so I don't have to worry about running out before the picture is done. 

I have been sending a picture to the newlyweds each week so they can see my progress. 

The snowmen have been put into storage and we are now channeling Spring at our house.  We have even started working on a Spring themed puzzle this week. 

Fluffy Finn will be getting a haircut this coming week.  My daughter says he has been "fluffing" all over her apartment.  From this chair, he has a good vantage point to watch my daughter as she works at her desk. 

I will link up with the RSC folks as well as the Slow Sunday Stitching Gang. 


  1. Such a lot of stitchy goodness on your blog. The green and orange blocks are very striking, and I always admire both yours and your daughters embroidery. And Finn too of course, he seems to take watching over his mistress very seriously!

  2. Those little green and orange blocks are so pretty. Love the scrappy-ness look of them. Our scraps do hold many wonderful memories, don't they. Your daughter's purple coneflower is lovely and your Blue Lovebirds is progressing beautifully.

  3. The love birds piece is gorgeous! Looks like you’ve been busy!!

  4. Great collection os beautiful blocks. Love the green and orange combo for the pineapple blocks. All the stitchery are lovely.
    Happy slow stitching.

  5. So many pretty quilt blocks. I love the pineapple quilt blocks especially as well as the log cabin. Finn needs his Springtime trim, but he looks so cute. Your cross-stitch and your daughter's embroidery are looking great. Nice progress.

  6. Those pineapple blocks do take time! I can't imagine making a large quilt, but a table runner is a good idea! Your daughters embroidery and your crossstitch are so lovely!

  7. I love all your sewing projects so many lovely blocks, your daughters embroidery is so neat, I bet Finn will feel so much better after his haircut.

  8. Super cute blocks and some really lovely stitching. Bits of GREEN throughout!!

  9. Cute blocks, and so colorful. Beautiful stitching too! Finn is his usual handsome self, looking very interested in what is going on! Hope you have a great week!

  10. I love your green blocks, such gorgeous fabric! Your wedding cross stitch is definitely growing, it will make a beautiful gift. Finn is wonderful in all his fluffiness. Lola needs a haircut too but she has to wait until the end of march!

  11. Thanks again for having me teach the workshop. Your blocks are great. Cool colors and perfect for spring.
    Great spring puzzle too.
    Thanks for the book recommendation I have added it to my audio list. I like medical story books and also the Spanish Flu.
    Your daughters crewel is absolutely stunning!
    Finn - what a sweet face

  12. Isn't it funny how one thing leads to another --- bonus class learning pineapple blocks! Very pretty blocks and very springy. Looks like the stitcheries are coming right along too.