Saturday, March 20, 2021

Table Runner Finish and Pineapples

I remember saying last week that I thought the project using the leftovers from my recent quilt top finish would be made into a finished project before the quilt...I was right.  These HST blocks called my name early last week.  I tried several different ways of laying them out for the runner, but this one was the one I liked the best.

 I hand sewed the binding on in the car on Wednesday while we were on our way to pick up Finn for his annual stay at our house while our daughter is busy at work.  The backing was just fabric in my stash that I want to use up. 

It is a long drive to where our daughter lives so I usually bring multiple projects in the car to keep me busy and awake.  I added some more stitches to Love Birds. 

Earlier in the week, I watched a YouTube video about how to knit simple cables.  I started a small project to practice on.  So far, so good!

I always have a book in my bag as well.  I'm reading the 11th book in the 44 Scotland Street Series, The Bertie Project" by Alexander McCall Smith as well as the next book for book club "Five Little Indians" by Michelle Good.  

My daughter made me a beautiful flower embroidery picture for my birthday in February and gave it to me when we were there to get Finn.  This is another Barmy Fox project. 

I brought her the last few colours she needed to finish her coffee pot picture and it is done now too. 

I finally guessed that the cityscape is Munich, Germany!  A few more stitches were added to it this week too. 

For International Quilting Day, I added another  round to my pineapple blocks...

I started 7 more pineapple blocks .  I think I will need at least another two for a total of 12 all together. 

These blocks take a long time to make as there is lots of pressing and trimming for each round. I will not run out of scraps before they are done...

My next colour block quilt will be blue.  I made two more blocks as leaders/enders while making the pineapple blocks.  I have 7 blocks made now. I am not sure how many I will need for the next quilt. 

I have a couple of crocuses in bloom this week. There was even a bee buzzing around.

Finn was very happy to see us but not so happy when we drove away with him in the back seat, leaving his "Mom" behind. He is fine now.  We took a long walk at the park today and he is tired out tonight. 

Happy International Quilting Day, everyone!  I will link up with the Slow Sunday Stitchers in the morning. 


  1. knitting cables is something I want to learn too and thought maybe a scarf would be a good project to practice on - you look like you are off to a good start on it - love all the needle work you share

  2. Great table runner. I can see it's grey fabric in this photo because last weeks definitely looked navy! The cable stitching is looking good. Love the pineapple blocks, the orange and green look so good together. Your daughters stitching is beautiful, lovely present to receive! Glad Finn has settled down with you ok. Have a great day.

  3. Cute HSTquilt. Those embroidered pieces are beautiful!!

  4. Those embroideries are lovely. I am hoping to learn to knit cables this year. I am just getting back into quilting this year. Fun to read all the slow stitching posts.

  5. Oh great start on the cables. I love knitting cables they really are not that hard as long as you pay attn to which row you are on. Love the pineapple blocks and can see they would take awhile. Your daughters embroideries are beautiful! Finn is so lucky to have so many humans that love him!

  6. So much eye candy! Wow, you are productive!

  7. Your daughter is doing so many complex embroidery stitches! Gorgeous! What a lovely gift she gave you :)
    Those pineapple blocks look like great fun!

  8. Your daughter's embroidery and cross-stitch pieces are beautiful. I love all of the quilty stuff you are working on as well as Love Birds. I am sure that Finn will enjoy his stay with you. I know you will.

  9. Hi,
    Lots of pretties today. Love the embroidery...and your Pineapple blocks are awesome. Have a great day!

  10. Gorgeous projects and finishes! Your daughter does exquisite work, as you do! Finn is his usual handsome self!

  11. You have a lot of pretty projects going on at your house! Love the HST runner, and your daughter's beautiful embroidery. Enjoy your time with Finn!

  12. Great start with the cables, they are easier than it looks. Wonderful embroideries.

  13. So many beautiful projects and the first bee of the season!

  14. Cables look quite hard to knit but they are not at all!
    Beautiful work, as usual from both you and your daughter. Hope Finn settles down for his holiday with you

  15. Those embroideries are so beautiful!
    i love your pineapple blocks. They are like an optical illusion and make my eyes go a bit funny.