Saturday, May 15, 2021

Black and White Colour Blocks and More Placemats

This week, I had to cut a few extra black and white squares to finish these blocks but all 25 are done now. I have these blocks up on my design wall while I contemplate sashing/border options.  I used up all sorts of small bits and pieces in my black and white stash so now my variety in these fabrics is depleted a bit.  I will not be buying more for the time being.   

Much of our time this week was spent outside, cleaning up gardens, weeding, spitting perennials, moving plants, etc.  Sunday morning, we hope to be outside planting our patio pots with annuals and herbs. There are still lots of jobs to do but now that we are both retired, we do not need to get everything done on the's nice to spread the jobs out over several days, a couple of hours at a time. I love seeing what is in bloom when I go out to wander around the yard. 

Two types of Geum

Wild Columbine

Species Tulips

Eastern Redbud

I made three more placemats for Meals on Wheels today and will hand stitch the binding tomorrow for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy. 

Love Birds is seeing some slow progress.  I added lots of pale green leaves this week and will soon move on to a larger flower after completing one more leaf and a heart. 

The Munich cityscape is nearing completion. My daughter does beautiful stitching. 

I received a lovely surprise in the mail last week from Sarah in England. She made me this very cute bee hive cross stitch filled with lavender.  I was thrilled to get a package that I was not expecting!  Thanks so much, Sarah! Sarah and her daughter, Faye, are both Slow Sunday Stitchers. Faye sent me this little cream egg cover that she made a few weeks ago.  Both of them are very talented!

I'm happy to report that Finn is feeling much took a few days for the antibiotics to work but he was soon back to his normal self.  He is much perkier this week but still has to wear the dreaded cone until he sees the vet later this coming week. 

My husband and I went for a walk at a local park last night and saw some baby geese with their parents and a blue heron. 

Enjoy your week and happy stitching!  


  1. Your daughter certainly is talented! And I'm very glad Finn is improving, it can't be much fun wearing that cone! You have a great variety of black and white fabrics. Those place mats look very pretty. When the gardening is done enjoy your slow Sunday stitching!

  2. The black and white squares have so much lovely visual interest. Both you and your daughter are talented stitchers. Poor Finn, the cone of shame; I cannot believe he still has it on. He is a good pup. Lovely gifts from Sarah and Faye. Those little bees are sweet and how fun to have a woolly egg cosy. Enjoy your week in your lovely garden and sunshine.

  3. Beautiful garden and the out doors. Projects are the cherries on top. Enjoy your week.

  4. love those flowers and geese and the heron - I haven't been out to the lake in awhile and that is where I see heron now and then on the banks. Lovely stitching!

  5. Simple and Beautiful black and white blocks. Yeah, you and your daughter does beautiful stitching. Can you please tell me where she got the Munique pattern? Around the world is a theme for Love Quilts Brazil quilts, and it will be interisting stitch this pattern.
    Glad to know Finn is feeling better.
    Beautiful flowers and wild birds pictures. And lovely gifts.
    Have a wonderful new week

  6. Enjoy your binding today!
    So glad to hear that Finn is on the mend.
    Lovely gifts from Sarah and Faye :)

  7. Lots of crafty enjoyment in your retired world--hoping the same for me and my husband in the not too distant future. Enjoy your stitching time.

  8. The black and white 16 patches are such a neat combination! I'm curious to see what you choose for sashing. Will it be colorful?! How fun to exchange gifts with Sarah and Faye!

  9. So many wonderful photos to view this week....quilts, cross-stitch, flowers and Finn! How wonderful to receive those gifts from Sarah and Faye! Have a wonderful week!

  10. Your black and white quilt is looking fabulous. And such sweet gifts that you received from Sarah and Faye. Stitchy friends are the best. Have a very lovely week.

  11. Always a treat to visit here and catch up on your posts. SO much sewing going on and how kind you are to donate so many things to worthy causes. Love to see both you and daughter's cross stitching progress. Glad Finn is feeling better too. Your flowers are further along than mine here in the Ottawa Valley.