Saturday, May 29, 2021

Two Finishes and some BOM Blocks

It has been a while since I have had a finished project to share on my blog (besides placemats), and this week, I have two!  This blue colour block quilt is made from 2.5" squares from my blue scrap bin.  I found some really fun crayon fabric for the backing and even added a label already, even though I have not written on it yet.  This quilt will be set aside for a future baby gift. Most of the fabrics repeat in the quilt so lots of fun to be had for some little one trying to find the matching squares. 

The blocks for this next quilt were leftovers from another colour block quilt--this one is gray and yellow.  The large project is not quilted yet but as of this week, it is pin basted and ready to be quilted next.  This is my second small project from the leftovers of the main project...  The backing was in my stash.  The quilting was done with the walking foot on my DSM. I hand stitched the binding today. 

I am almost all caught up on my Modern Block of the Month (BOM) blocks.  I made three more blocks this week. 

I have the pattern for one more block which I hope to make this week.  Next, I will have to figure out how to set them into a quilt top...

 Love Birds moved along at a snail's pace this week.  I spent more time at the sewing machine this week than with my hand stitching. I am getting closer to finishing the wreath of flowers with each stitch. 

Finn lodged a complaint after I posted last week's blogpost.  He did not make an appearance!!!  He has been sporting a donut collar this past week as he has another infection around his mouth, caused by the cone that he had to wear for two weeks due to the previous infection.  More antibiotics and special wipes for the infected areas and he is on the mend, thankfully.  We all hope this is the end of vet visits for a while! To make up for his absence in last week's post, here are two pictures of Finn.  In the first picture, he is supervising my daughter as she organizes her embroidery floss collection.  In the second, he is modelling his "Zen Collar", but not all that happy about wearing it.  He's getting quite fluffy and is in need of a haircut.  

My daughter has finished her Munich cityscape and has been working on a new embroidery picture, a butterfly with flowers. 

The garden has been producing more blooms every day, even though we have a risk of frost tonight!  Last week, our air conditioning was on because is was so hot, and now the heat is back on to take the chill off.  The patio and porch pots of annuals and herbs have all been placed undercover to keep them from being damaged by the frost. 

Wegelia Bush

Blue Jay Columbine

Bachelor Button

Deutzia Bush

We are still mostly locked down here and will slowly reopen based on the percentage of the population that is vaccinated.  My daughter gets her first vaccine this week--Yahoo!  I will link up with Kathy and the Slow stitchers in the morning.  


  1. Those zen collars look more comfortable than the 'cone of shame'. Congratulations on your two finished quilts; both are lovely. Fabulous fabrics in both quilts. Loving your daughter's new butterfly embroidery.

  2. That baby quilt is adorable. How wonderful that you have matching squares scattered throughout. Love birds us looking good. Your daughter's Munich stitch is so pretty. It looks like she is making quick work of the butterfly embroidery. Poor Finn.

  3. I love to see that hand work...daughter's piece is a beauty and your wreath is moving along. Congrats on the finishes...lovely too. Wow, Finn has had a time of it hasn't he poor boy. Hopefully all better very soon.
    Your garden is much further along than mine here in the Ottawa Valley. We had another frost warning last night, ugh!

  4. Congratulations on the lovely finishes!
    Poor Finn... I hope he feels better soon and is back to his antics.
    The weather has been bizarre extremes here hasn't it?!?

  5. Beautiful baby quilt and other projects and stitching. So glad Finn made his appearance this week! Hope he gets back to himself soon! Lovely flowers too!

  6. Great finishes on your two quilts! Both yours and your daughters cross stitch projects are so nice and although progress on yours is slow it is progress! Poor Finn he really has been unlucky. Hopefully this will be the last antibiotics he needs.

  7. Your color block quilts are so pretty! I love what can be done with that simple patchwork. Poor Finn - so glad he is doing better! Your flowers are beautiful!

  8. Great quilts! Lovely finishes.
    Hope Finn feels better soon.

  9. Great finishes and I really like those blocks.
    Lovely stitchery pieces.
    Poor Finn! hope he's better