Saturday, September 16, 2023

A Variety of Projects

Somehow, I managed to do some sewing almost every day this past week. Two sunflowers are almost done in this quadrant of my sunflower cross stitch.  I also added a bee and some leaves. 

I'm going to a wedding shower tomorrow for my cousin's daughter.  If you know her, please don't spill the beans.  I am quite sure that the bride to be does not read my blog!  I made her these pillowcases--they like to go camping so the canoe fabric was chosen with this in mind. 

I also made her two coiled rope hot pads.  The fabric scraps in these are dark green.  They are about 9" in diameter. 

Today, I met another cousin's new grand baby (this cousin is on the other side of the family!).  I gave him a flannel vortex quilt that I made a few years ago using scraps from PJ's I had made for my daughter and my nieces as well as other scraps accumulated over the years. We talked about how the quilt can be used to play I spy or a matching game when he gets older and is learning to talk.  It has a flannel back and will be quite cozy for story time too.  

I found a fabric pumpkin pattern online (just google it and you will find several patterns) and decided to try making one this week.  I have lots of orange pumpkins to decorate with and decided to make a lighter coloured one.  I have a stick to cut up to make a stem as well as a piece of green felted wool for a leaf.  I will finish it off this week.  I wanted to show my friends at the Slow Sunday Stitchers the slightly gathered running stitch I added to give the pumpkin a more interesting shape. I used pearl cotton thread for this. 

I also found an easy free pattern for a leaf quilt online and decided to just make a small wall hanging instead.  The background is Essex Linen.  I still need to add an outer border in the same background colour and quilt it.  This will be a gift for someone special.  

I started quilting my Shweshwe quilt ages ago and finally got back to working on it again this week.  I hope to do some quilting on it most days.  Of course, I have decided to quilt it rather densely so this will take a while.  I do like how it looks though so will continue to persevere.  

It has been quite cool some mornings this past week but my fuchsia plants are still blooming happily on the front porch.  

Finn certainly enjoys his naps, especially when he can touch my daughter at the same time. 

He likes to be comfortable and use all of the pillows. 

I will link up with the Slow Sunday Stitchers in the morning. 


  1. I like the blue background you have on your stitchery piece. Such a cute baby! and quilt

  2. Thanks for the close-up of the sunflower cross-stitch. It is nice to see all of the color subtleties. I love the bridal shower gifts. I want to try stitching with rope soon. That baby will be nice and warm in his colorful cuddly quilt. I like how you are quilting the fabric areas with the circles. As usual, the Finn pics always make me smile.

  3. Oh Finn is such an adorable character - love seeing photos of him! Lots of lovely projects on the go - the pillowcases are a perfect gift for campers! The photo of the baby snuggled in the quilt gives all the warm fuzzies - even more than Finn!

  4. You have had a busy week with all those projects. I'm sure the baby will love his cuddly flannel quilt. I like the idea of pillowcases too, and plan to make my horse mad granddaughter a pair with some horsey fabric I have purchased.

  5. Aaaah such a sweet baby wrapped in a beautiful quilt. Your stitch is so vibrant and beautiful

  6. Your Sunflowers are beautiful. How is stitching on that blue fabric? Is it hard on the eyes? Sweet little Finn. Loves his Mommy.

  7. Wow, you've had a lovely stitchy week with a variety of projects! I just love that pic of Finn all snuggled in with the cushion - so sweet! xx