Saturday, September 23, 2023

Sunflowers and a Mini Vacation

This past week was not very productive in the sewing room but I did spend several hours working on my sunflower cross stitch picture.  I would really like to finish this picture in the next month or so as I would like to start a Christmas cross stitch project and maybe finish it in time for Christmas...

When we went to Newfoundland in June, we happened upon a little knitting store called "Skivvers Fibre Studio and Wool Craft" in Cow Head  where I purchased a pattern book and wool to make myself a hat, mittens and a scarf. I have decided to start by making the hat.  The pattern is on the left in the picture below and the wool I will use is on the right. The wool is made by the "Fleece Artist" in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The colours are inspired by Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland.  They produce different colour schemes for each National Park in Canada.  We spent quite a bit of time in Gros Morne, so I decided this would be a good reminder of our trip. I am not the fastest knitter so making all three items will be a long term project. 

I cut up a stick and made a stem for the pumpkin I made last week. I think it looks finished now and I probably won't add a leaf. 

My husband and I, along with my friend Christine and her husband went on a mini vacation to Buffalo, New York this week. We stayed at a bed and breakfast and did a historic boat tour along the Buffalo River to Silo City where we did a walking tour of the abandoned silos for a malting company. 

We did in-depth tours of the Darwin Martin House and Graycliff, both designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  My husband and I had toured these homes 10 years ago and noticed many improvements had been made in the intervening years. 

This window is the Tree of Life pattern, prominent in the Darwin Martin House. Several years ago, I did a cross stitch picture of this window. 

This is Graycliff, the summer home of the Martin Family. We had excellent tours of both homes and highly recommend a visit to both homes if you are in the Buffalo area. 

Finn had a spa day this week and had a haircut.  We can see his eyes again!

Finn tells me there is a hole in the backing of a quilt I made for my daughter when she started University.  They will bring the quilt home with them when they come here in October so that I can repair the hole. 
I think I still have a few scraps of that flannel backing left so it will be easy to patch. I think it just wore through with use ...Finn is not at fault!

I will link up with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching group in the morning. 


  1. Your pumpkin looks amazing with or without a leaf. I love the hat what a lovely colour, I have started some Christmas sewing and am hoping it will be finished in time. Finn looks adorable 😊

  2. my daughter's dog always needs trimming too - I don't know how she sees at times. You saw some pretty scenes for sure

  3. I grew up in Rochester, NY, just an hour or so from Buffalo! Looks like you found some interesting places to visit there. Those Frank Lloyd Wright houses are amazing! Enjoy your stitching today, Gail!

  4. Great pictures of the places you visited. I never visited Frank Lloyd Wright house, and the only time I was in New York was in the airport. Love the background of your sunflower piece. Finn is his usual adorable self, he is so photogenic!

  5. Seems you had an interesting g New York trip. We had a week in New York as a stopover flying home from UK zone years ago, and can certainly confirm that NY is a city which never sleeps. Such a busy and vibrant place. I'm so pleased that Finn is innocent of the hole in the quilt charge.

  6. I have been to Cow Head and Gros Morne and loved it! Great idea to so some knitting to remember those beautiful places! Great progress on the sunflowers!

  7. Your stitch is looking amazing as does your pumpkin. Such fabulous photos. The abandoned silos are so interesting. Have a great week.

  8. Finn looks quite spiffy. I would love to tour those Frank Lloyd Wright homes. It's a seven hour drive from us so it will have to be added to a much longer trip. I like the hat pattern and the yarn. Enjoy your knitting.

  9. Your cross stitch sunflowers are looking good. Love the yarn colours you have chosen for your hat and scarf. I remember you stitching the FLW pictures. Interesting place to visit for a mini break and Finn is as gorgeous as always! Sarah quilting by the sea