Saturday, July 25, 2009

University Quilt: Ready to take to the Quilting Man!

It is finally done and ready to be quilted. I cut out the borders this morning and sewed them on. My daughter picked a narrow 2" pink border with a white 4" border for her quilt. I think the pink frames her quilt nicely. I have been reading some other blogs and noticed some other moms were making their daughters quilts for their university dorm rooms too. My daughter picked out some light blue flannel for the back of her quilt which will make it nice and cozy. The university she has chosen is in a city which is famous for its cold winters. The label is made from a leftover quilt block. I will post another picture after it is quilted and bound.


  1. This will truly make a dorm room sparkle and to have something from home will mean so much. I could easily see beautiful flowers and feathers quilted all over this lovely pink quilt.

  2. Oh yes I agree lots and lots of feathers. The quilt turned out great!