Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mexican Stars and some Rubber Chickens

I made this rubber chicken pillowcase for my husband for Father's Day. He has a rubber chicken that Santa gave him in his Christmas stocking one year. The rubber chicken has been on vacation with us a few times and has had his picture taken in many exotic locales...  These pictures were taken at Bouctouche Beach in New Brunswick. The rubber chicken had a travelling companion...Nutty the Squirrel, a beanie baby.

On Thursday night, Karen, Christine and I took a class to make a Mexican Stars wall hanging from my friend Pat. I finished off my homework yesterday and I am ready for the 2nd and last class this week. I am using batiks for my project.

I also made a bit of progress on my orange and yellow tumbler quilt. All the pieces are arranged and ready to sew together. It might rain this afternoon so I will try to get these put together.

My husband and I spent a few hours mulching all of our gardens yesterday--what a job!  Mulch mountain (4 cubic yards!) is no longer in our driveway! The gardens look great and now there will be less weeding to do. Here are a few pictures of what's blooming this week.

Orange Echinacea
Karl Forrester Reed Grass
While we ate supper, this robin worked on finishing off this nest on our light fixture at the back of the house. She kept making trips out to get more mud and then came back to add it to the nest. She did this funny vibrating dance in the nest to pat it down. We have had lots of nests before but this is the first time we have had one on this light fixture.

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