Monday, February 26, 2018

Three New Foothills Blocks

Last night, I went down to my sewing room for an hour after supper and made 18 flying geese so I could finish off three more blocks for my Foothills quilt.  I am using my husband's shirts for this quilt.  He lost some weight and had to replace his shirts with some that fit better.  I confiscated the cast-offs and had been saving them to make a quilt.

My first attempt at assembling this block did not work out so well...thank goodness for my trusty seam ripper!

That's better!

The blocks in the original quilt had interesting placements of contrasting fabrics.  I am trying to have fun with this too.

That's four blocks done now...only 21 to go!

You can sign up to join in on this quilt along with Mary Elizabeth Kinch at this link:


  1. Looks like you are off to a great start! Your colours and print sizes are fabulous!

  2. This is a fun block design and your plaid versions are terrific!
    Nice of your husband to donate his shirts to a worthy quilt!

  3. That is such a super fun block! I love the plaids as well.