Monday, July 16, 2018

LMQG Swap: What is it?

Members of the London Modern Quilt Guild are swapping small quilts with members of the Ancaster Modern Quilt Guild.  Christine and I both decided to participate in the swap. We received the name and preferences of our swap partners in February and the quilts were due at our July meeting this past Saturday.  Now that my quilt is handed in, I can show it to you on my blog!

I started by making some random sized building blocks with some brightly coloured scraps.

I was on a roll and did not take any more process pictures as I put it together in two evening sewing sessions.  I used a light grey diagonal mesh print for my background. It was fun to figure out how to piece it together from my building blocks. At this point, I showed it to my husband to see if he could tell what it is...his guess...A HAT!  He was wrong.

I quilted it with fuchsia thread...the lines are the width of a piece of green painter's tape and the second set of lines are two pieces of painter's tape wide.  Painter's tape was my friend when I was quilting this quilt!  Next, I did diagonal lines through every other intersection in both directions...I'm not sure that is a good explanation, so I will show you...

The idea for the quilting came from Jacquie Gering's book "Walk" and also from the two day walking foot quilting class that I took with Jacquie a couple of years ago.  I think the quilting makes my quilt sparkle!

Several years ago, my friend, Erin, gave me a couple of yards of this fabric. It makes an interesting backing for my swap quilt and the colours are similar to those on the front.

It is bound in fuchsia grunge fabric.  Have you guessed what I was trying to depict yet?   Yup--it is a SEWING MACHINE! I hope my swap partner likes it!  Maybe she will find a spot to hang it in her sewing room.


  1. I know your partner will be thrilled! Lovely colors and all of you fabrics work so well together. Gail, your quilting is incredible! Great job!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! The quilting looks so great with the pink thread. :D

  3. It looks fabulous! I’m sure she’ll love it.

  4. That is so great. My guild just did that with another guild down the road and it was fun. I love this and especially the quilting.