Friday, July 6, 2018

Working on My Foothills Quilt

Quite a while ago, I started making blocks for Mary Elizabeth Kinch's Foothills Quilt-along.  I managed to make 9 complete blocks and parts for several more blocks before life got in the way of sewing time.  I made a few baby quilts to get my sewing mojo back and then worked on a swap quilt for the London Modern Quilt Guild.  With all of these projects done, I can now get back to making the rest of the Foothills blocks.

You may remember that I am using shirts that my husband was discarding.  Here is the first block I put together today:

(The block really is square--its just a funny camera angle that makes it look like it isn't!). Here is the second block I made:

I had all of the parts made except the flying geese.  I put together 4 sets of flying geese today and I have one more block laid out ready to sew together.  I like the way the stripes look in these blocks.

I have 11/25 blocks made now.  I will need to make more parts soon so I have a variety to choose from when assembling the next few blocks.   Here are my 11 completed blocks on my design wall:

I did some gardening this morning and took a few pictures of some of the flowers I have in bloom at the moment.


This one is an annual in one of my patio pots. I can't remember the name of the plant...

Dwarf Delphinium

Tonight was a great night for a walk on the pier in Port Stanley, for us, and the Canada geese!


  1. I love these blocks! They look great!! Your garden photos are gorgeous!!

  2. The blocks are coming together wonderfully. Happy sewing!!

  3. Your foothills blocks are an interesting way to use up recycled shirts!

  4. Your blocks are looking great!