Sunday, July 1, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching on Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!  I made these pillows last year to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday and they are out on display again this year.  We added a metal Maple Leaf to our shed this year.

The new fence was installed over the last few weeks and we finally got our gardens put back together this weekend. We managed to keep all of our plants alive in pots while the construction of the fence was underway and now they are back in their new spots in the gardens.

There's still more gardening to do and we will keep working away at it over the next few weeks. We are pleased with the new fence.

After putting out the call for DMC #318 a few weeks ago, three friends gave me their versions of #318.  My original skein is on the cardboard holder at the top left of the picture.  Funny how there was no consistency in the colour of #318 over the years.  The bottom left colour was too dark.  the two on the right were just not quite right and the one on the far left was a perfect match!  I hope that I have enough thread to finish off the picture now...if I don't, I will let you know. Several other friends have been looking through their embroidery threads to see if they have the correct colour as well.

Here's where I left off last time I reported in about my Frank Lloyd Wright Fountain Glass Cross Stitch project.  I managed some stitching time this week and hope to work on this today again. 

The big yellow blobby part will look better after I add the outlining. 

Yesterday, my husband and I went to the local museum to see a display about Scottish settlers in this area and this quilt was on display. I took a close look at some of the fabrics---cotton, flannel, plaids, satins, -- scraps from old clothing, most likely, sewn together to make a lovely barn-raising log cabin quilt.

I love the polka dots!

Here is the information about the maker.

I spent some time this evening quilting my swap quilt for the London Modern Quilt Guild.  The quilts are to be done by our next meeting in two weeks.  This is an in progress picture.  I don't want to reveal the finished quilt until my swap partner receives her quilt.   I have cut out the binding and hope to put it on this week--I like to have my projects done well in advance of deadlines.

Here is a recent picture of my daughter's dog, Finn.  He had a bath and was quite fluffy afterwards.  Time for a snooze.

I will be linking up with Kathy and the other slow Sunday Stitchers in the morning.


  1. You are making great progress on the Frank Lloyd Wright. It looks wonderful.

  2. Happy Canada Day!
    Your cross stitch is looking fabulous.
    Finn is just gorgeous - so fluffy!

  3. progress! love your fence and keeping the plants going the whole time is great that it worked

  4. I've pulled my 318 DMC and have three shades as well LOL. If you run out, let me know and I'll send the lighter two up to you. I think one of them is a good match, but with computer monitors and photo lighting, who can really tell......

    At any rate, your project is looking good. I love the Arts and Crafts era. I wish my little bungalow had art glass, but alas, it was always a working class house. I do have quarter sawn fumed oak woodwork, though!

  5. FLW is coming along nicely, I'm glad you were able to find some thread. I have some greens in my collection of threads that have the same number but are quite different.

  6. That little puff ball is adorable. Your FLW piece is looking great. I am so glad that you found a floss that matches. My own 318 was much too dark to send to you. I love that quilt. I have a soft spot for log-cabin quilts. It is amazing how all those diverse fabrics just read light and dark in the photo of the whole quilt. It is so pretty.

  7. Pretty pillows! Love this antique quilt too.

  8. I'm so glad you got a good match for your gray. I really love the colours in that project. Isn't it good to have so much info on the quilt....makes you realise how important it is to label them! Finn is just gorgeous! 🐶

  9. Lots of lovely in this post - the fence, your stitching, the log cabin quilt and the pup!

  10. What a lot of work to do with the fence repair. Hope you'll be soon able to relax and enjoy slow stitching in your back yard once again!
    Deanna and I checked out floss stashes and found that our #318 skeins were quite dark. So strange! Anyway glad you have more to continue stitching!
    Sweet fluffy Finn!

  11. Nice outdoor projects! I would have never guess there would be that much difference in the thread colors!

  12. Hope you had a very nice Canada Day. Your Frank Lloyd Wright stitchery is amazing!