Sunday, January 6, 2019

A New FLW Project

I started a new Frank Lloyd Wright cross stitch picture today.  This one depicts the stained glass window in the ceiling of his office at his home in Oak Park, Illinois.  Our family toured FLW's home in Oak Park in 2013 when we were visiting Chicago.  I remember seeing this window in his office when were on the tour.

This is about 6" by 11" when finished so it should not take as long as the Fountain Glass Window to complete.

There are only three colours in this window and I am hoping I have enough of each colour to complete the picture so I won't have to go begging to all of you to search your stashes for older matching thread like I did with my previous project!

My daughter has also been doing some cross stitching on her Prague cityscape.  I spy some swans...

I have signed up for Sarah Fielke's "Coming Home" BOM for 2019.  I have been wanting to do some appliqué for a while now and have jumped in with both feet--this quilt will fit our queen sized bed when it is done.  Today, I picked out the background fabrics for each border.  The bottom fabric was already in my stash and I purchased the other two dotty fabrics today.  I have plenty of fabric in my stash for all of the piecing and appliqué parts of the quilt.  I also picked up the other supplies I need for this project.

My sewing room is coming along as far as being tidied up.  I have spent several hours in the last couple of weeks getting things put away and clearing off surfaces.  It is looking much better and I will be able to work on my new projects without having piles of fabric falling over on top of me.
There will be stitching in the car tomorrow on the new cross stitch picture for Slow Sunday Stitching.   I will link up with Kathy in the morning.


  1. It's so hard to say "No" to all the wonderful sew-a-longs that popped up with the new year. I've joined a couple myself even after telling myself not to! Haha!

  2. A new FLW piece just in time for the long car ride. I like the background fabrics for the BOM, I haven't done one of them in years maybe I should do one again.

  3. that will be an interesting needle work to follow along with your progress on I really liked the last one you did

  4. I always get the urge to take up cross-stitching again when I read your posts! Always nice to start a new project!

  5. I have a bunch of old DMC floss.... let me know the numbers and I'll put them aside just in case! Great project by the way.

  6. Yeah for the new FLW window piece. It will be interesting to follow your progress again. The geometric shapes in these projects really appeal to me.

  7. So exciting starting a new project... I look forward to watching it develop this year!
    I wish I would clean up in my sewing room... it's a total disaster since I've been doing some string quilting.
    Enjoy your new FLW stitchery!

  8. That new FLW looks so pretty. Your daughter's piece is pretty too. I like those swans. I want to turn my daughter's old bedroom into my sewing room. I am leaving that to next summer. I am looking forward to seeing your BOM project.

  9. Nice colours for the FLW x stitch. the Prague x stitch is coming along nicely, it looks as if she is a really even stitcher! Nice fabrics to start off your BOM project.