Sunday, December 1, 2019

Frank is Finished!

I visited my daughter last weekend and spent my time on the train trip to get there working on my Frank Lloyd Wright Waterlilies cross stitch picture.

I finished off the outlining at the bottom of the picture while my daughter was at work and did a little happy dance of joy!  I was done! (I could not really dance for joy because Finn was sleeping on my lap, but you know what I mean.)

I took the picture out this morning to take some pictures to do my blogpost and discovered that I was not really done.

I still had a tiny bit of outlining to do as well as some larger X's in the middle of the picture.   My husband made me a cup of Sleigh Ride herbal tea and I go to work stitching the last bit.

You can see the X's above but the lighting is weird... sorry.   I finally go the last few stitches in a couple of minutes ago.  Phew!  I still need to wash it and block it before taking Frank to be framed so the picture looks a bit wrinkly in this photo.

I will be linking up with Kathy this morning for the parade of slow Sunday stitching projects on her blog.

My daughter and I took Finn to the pet store last weekend to have his picture taken with the Grinch.  Finn wore his Max antler from last Christmas for the photoshoot.  Soooo cute!


  1. Oh my gosh Gail that photo of Finn and the Grinch is hysterical!
    That must have been such a fun photo shoot!
    Congrats on finishing the waterlilies... so pretty!

  2. I'm surprised the Grinch didn't scare the dog! love your needle work looks like something that would work well on a train ride

  3. Your finish d cross stitch is beautiful. You've made a few FLW pictures now? Finn looks very cute. My dog refuses to wear her Santa hat and scarf, even for the Christmas photo! The grinch looks like he has a firm grip on Finn!

  4. Stitching on a train without household interruptions sounds wonderful. Adorable photo of Finn & Grinch! Like your updated header! Looking forward to seeing Frank framed.

  5. Cute pic of Finn and the Grinch! The antler was rather perfect! How nice to have someone else do the driving (or training? as the case was) so you can stitch! It's coming along very nicely! :)