Friday, July 1, 2022

I Need to Do Some Quilting...

Back in February, I took a Zoom class with Cheryl Arkison called Traditional Variations.  The idea was to take a traditional block and change it up in some way.  I made blocks based on four traditional blocks:  churn dash, pinwheel, log cabin and sawtooth star.  This week, I finished my last three blocks and put the top together, except for the final border which is cut but not sewn on yet.  This quilt will be donated to the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild outreach project--Quilts for Survivors of Residential Schools. My husband and I participated in a Healing Walk this morning, wearing our orange "Every Child Matters" shirts. It was very moving to hear from survivors and their descendants during the ceremony before the walk. 

I used my batik fabrics for the blocks.  This block is a variation on a pinwheel. 

Variation on a log cabin. 

For this one, I made a liberated sawtooth star block, and then cut it up and added some strips in between the four corners. 

Here is a not very good picture of my top before the final borders are added. The sashing is a navy blue Kona solid.  I will get a better picture when this quilt is done.  I hope to quilt it this week. 

 I also want to get the back pieced for my hearts quilt and get it quilted this week.  You can see why I named this post "I need to do some quilting...!"

I dug into my purple selvages this week and found that I did not have enough to make purple ones to make my Rainbow Scrap Challenge squares.  I did, however, have enough for two red-violet (magenta) squares. I do not buy a lot of purple fabric and whatever selvages I had have obviously been used!

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I had made all of the 36 patches I needed for that rainbow scrap challenge.  This week, I put the blocks up on the design wall and got them sewn together...yet another top waiting for quilting. 

I picked up my Lupins quilt from the longarm quilter tonight and will be making binding to finish this one off soon. I have some of the purple backing fabric leftover to use for binding.  Here is a sneak peak at the beautiful quilting by Julie. 

I worked on some rug hooking while talking to a friend on FaceTime one evening this week.  She was working on a cross stitch project while I hooked.  I'm working on the blue sky. 

While out for a walk this week, I noticed that the milkweed was in bloom. 

In our backyard, the Japanese Lilac tree is showing off with its creamy white blooms. 

This shamrock plant belonged to my husband's great aunt who died in 1977.  It lived on my MIL's porch for many years before she gave it to us a few years ago.  It seems to like it here!

Finn is scheduled for a doggy spa day early this coming week.  He's quite fluffy at the moment!

I will link up with Angela and her Rainbow Scrap Challenge Crew on Saturday morning and with Kathy and the people who like to stitch slowly on Sunday morning. Hopefully, I will have some finished quilts to show next week.  Happy Canada Day! 


  1. pretty plants - you have a lot of projects going!

  2. Oh my, you have a whole lot of quilting in your future. I like the pinwheel variation. I can't wait to see the finished lupins quilt also. That shamrock plant is so pretty. I don't think I have ever seen one before. I am looking forward to a Finn photo where I can see his cute face.

  3. Traditional variations quilt is a fun one and you made very interesting blocks. Love the 36 rainbow patch top. There are Beautiful flowers on your garden . Have a great weekend Gail.

  4. Oooh, you do have some quilting to do! Luckily, it will be fun to do on those pretty quilts. Beautiful flowers!

  5. You have some beautiful projects going on there, Gail! I love the variations quilt idea, and that one is certainly going to a worthy cause. The 36 patch blocks make a beautiful design - I love all the colors together like that! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Lots of almost finishes! Sew exciting when the end is in sight.

  7. Your liberated blocks look very interesting, all done and ready to be stitched into a top. I took one of those classes years ago when we had to manipulate a block and change it. Sadly, I failed, it just didn't work for me. My brain couldnt cope with such things, I tell myself it's because I'm a Libra, and like things even and balanced!

  8. Gail, I know you say that you really need to do some quilting but oh my goodness, the other sewing you have accomplished is marvellous. So, so much wonderful quilty delight to see here. All the Traditional Variations blocks are fabulous. Gosh, they are striking and the colour of the sashings is perfect. The quilting Julie did on Lupins is great. It would have been thought provoking to hear of the stories of the survivors and their descendants of The Survivors of Residential Schools. These accounts are what we all need to hear and digest.

  9. So much beautiful colour and so many lovely projects, I hope that you enjoy the quilting you do seem to have a lot to do. Your flowers are beautiful and I hope that Finn enjoys his Spa treatment next week. Have a peaceful Sunday.

  10. You have a lot of quilting in your future.... your rug hooking is coming along great 👍. I'm sure Finn will look handsome after his Spa day...

  11. Great projects you are working on, you are always so productive! Happy stitching!

  12. Lovely colorful projects you have underway, and the rug hooking is cute. Lovely flowers too.

  13. You have lovely projects here and as always, making good progress on all of them. The rug hooking is very special. You talented thing you!