Saturday, August 29, 2009

My wall

What's on my design wall today? "Kaitlyn's Stars" I finished piecing the blocks this afternoon and I have been playing with them to try to arrange them so that the same fabrics are not beside each other. This is harder than it sounds!

In the middle of sewing merrily along this afternoon, I ran out of bobbin thread but did not notice until several blocks later... I had to go back and resew several borders on again...I am sure none of you have experienced this problem!

I also sewed one block together for my Christmas Lights mystery quilt. I will try to do the rest tonight.
Supper is ready. My husband is on cooking duty tonight.


  1. Stars and baskets - those are my favorites in quilts. Your stars are lovely, both Kaitlin's and the Christmas Lights. Great job!