Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BIQR--My Liberated Medallion Project Part 1

I had decided ahead of time that I would bring a bin with my selvages in it to BIQR so that I could make a liberated selvage medallion. I had 1 1/2 plastic drawers of selvages saved up so I dumped them all into a plastic bin and brought them with me along with my collection of solids.

I spent quite a while creating two pieces of selvage fabric--I top stitched the selvages to a light weight muslin.

The final product was these two selvage "scarves" which I am modeling here:
I cut this fabric into the shapes I wanted to use for the centre of my quilt using newspaper patterns that I cut out ahead of time to lay them out and make sure they were the right size and shape.
I got all the cutting done and the pieces pinned to the orange fabric I had chosen as my background. Then, the power went out. All of Elk Rapids was without power for several hours because, somewhere, a squirrel had decided to hide some nuts in a transformer. The squirrel did not live to tell the tale!  What are a bunch of die-hard quilters to do???? 
Pretty soon, carloads of quilters were on their way to the local quilt stores for some retail therapy! We even shopped in one shop by the light of some flashlights provided by the employees at the shop! We all did our part to help the local economy.
After supper, the power came back on and we could all get back to our sewing machines. I machine appliqued these pieces to the background.
I wanted to add a selvage fabric border at some point and spent some time trying out different  options.
Carol wondered if this fabric from her stash would work:

I liked the fabric, just not in this quilt. The green, however, did look good with my orange background....

By this time, it was getting late and I was tired. I decided to head off to bed and get some sleep.

If you want to know what I decided to do, come back to my blog in a day or two and I will show you how my project developed.


  1. You have me interested, it really is bright on that orange! The selvage daisy is cool ~

  2. Wow, must be orange selvage week! I just about have my selvage cube quilt quilted...I had cut out strips for the binding, but I can't find them, so might have to go back to the stash for new binding. Excited to get mine done finally. Yours is looking good as well! Looking forward to seeing it in person.

  3. Those selvedges look great all sewn together. I just wanted to comment and say I also really like the block on the design board behind you. Beautiful fall colours :o)