Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Liberated Medallion Quilt is Done!

I just finished sewing the last border on my "Sewing Baskets" quilt--Gwen Marston came up with the idea for the title.

Did anyone guess that I was making selvage spools for my last border?  (Yes, that is a sock monkey on one of the selvages!)

I got two of the borders on at BIQR and then found out I did not have enough spools for the last two borders.
 I had to make more spools this week before I could assemble an attach the last two borders.

Here I am talking about my quilt at Show and Tell at the end of the BIQR retreat.

Please ignore the white thread on the blue border!

My husband held the quilt up for me to take pictures.

This quilt top is full of memories of the things I have made from the fabrics in it (literally hundreds of different selvages!) and my fun week at BIQR 2012!

Here are a few more pictures that I took while I was away...

The dock...

I love the way the clouds are reflected in the still water.

The sun is going down...

And, some fluff, just waiting for a breeze to carry it away.

More pictures of BIQR to follow in future posts.


  1. Oh Gail!!! That quilt is fabulous, and so much fun to look at!! I love all the different sizes and shapes of the spools!!

  2. How Adorable!!! I had no idea that was what you were making! Love that final border of spools. Great quilt!!

  3. Just saw a whole display of "Liberated Medallion Quilts" at AQS Des Moines yesterday! Yours is awesome,too!

  4. Impressive! I certainly don't have that many slevages! You must have been saving them for years:)

  5. It's awesome Gail! Love the colours and the fun and creative!

  6. This is sure a masterpiece of selvages, I have long admired the spools done with selvages! Your baskets add to the charm. What a beauty! Great quilt top, my friend ~

  7. really cute - you did a great job, congrats.

  8. great quilt and lucky you for going to the BIQR.

  9. Oh wow this is inspiring! Love how colorful it all is too.
    I'm just back from my BIQR and have been blogging about it since I got home! come have a look :0). It is great fun and next year is Gwen's last year leading the retreats.

    I look forward to seeing this one finished :0)
    Happy Sewing

  10. You are so fortunate to have been able to work with Gwen and already have a finished product to show for it!

    Your quilt would add color and fun to any quilting studio!

  11. I just love your happy quilt. Attending a Beaver Island retreat is a dream for me, but I understand she won't be holding them much longer so I likely won't make it! I love her books and ideas!

  12. I saw your quilt at the Selvedge blog, and followed it to here... love seeing fellow Ontarians quilting!!

  13. That quilt is just fabulous. LOVE it!