Monday, June 19, 2017

Christmas Ornaments

Over the past few months, I have been making one block every two weeks for Lorna's Holly Jolly Christmas quilt-along.  Christine came over on Thursday night to sew.  I worked on my Christmas Ornaments block.

I was happy to be able to include the Santa fabric on one of the ornaments.  I used that fabric for the mitten block too.  This block looked easy at first glance but it involved quite a bit of ripping and resewing...  It took me all evening to get it right!

Here are all of my blocks so far.  I am thinking of changing the colour of the partridge in the partridge in a pear tree block...I don't like the brown. I think my partridge might be blue instead.

There are only three blocks left!  I have an idea for an extra block so I will have 16 instead of 15 blocks.  I will be making a square quilt...


  1. Your blocks look great! Maybe if you add the partridge brown in another block or two in small pieces, you would like it better? I definitely wouldn't remake it!

  2. I could go either way...the two blues in the snowman would make a good snowman too, but I also like the brown! Tough call.

  3. A little more blue would add more balance but I think you don't like the partridge because its a little dark for the background. Overall you have a lovely colour combination and it's looking great.

  4. You are so right... That ornament block is the toughest one to piece. But you did a super job and your block looks fabulous!

  5. I really like the blocks on the dark background (looks like Essex linen - big fan!) Well, I suppose that it's time to get Christmas projects going if one wants to get them finished by Christmas, huh? I'm more for getting and sandals out right now.