Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lots of Snowmen in the Gazebo

Pat came over this afternoon for a couple of hours of slow stitching in the gazebo.  We sipped iced tea and chatted as we stitched.  I worked on my cross stitch snowman...he now sports eyes, a carrot nose, a second arm and a completed hat as well as more white fill in stitches. The face adds a little more personality!

Last week, he looked like this...

He seemed to like chilling in the gazebo this afternoon...

This picture is coming along nicely.  I managed to sit and work on it three times this week.  I was ready for work early a couple of mornings and spent 30 minutes each day stitching before I left.

Pat is working on a Christmas gift for her sister.  She is blanket stitching around each shape.  All she has left to do is to add the button eyes.  She is thinking of hand quilting this little wall hanging. It should be done in plenty of time for Christmas.

My peonies were in bloom this week. They came from my husband's grandmother's garden and have a small tinge of pink.

In the front yard, the alliums are in their glory....

I would love to plant some of these in the back yard too...

I will be linking up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching linky tomorrow morning.


  1. I think he cooled me off a little, just looking at him :)

    Peonies have such a wonderful scent and I like your little ant there!

    Along my morning walk a neighbor has a grouping of alliums / they are such a striking flower

  2. Beautiful photos of your stitching and your flowers!
    Doesn't it feel relaxing to start the work day with some stitching?!?!

  3. Your snowman has personality now. That little quilt is adorable. I really like alliums. I used to have some in my yard, but they slowly disappeared.

  4. I think we have that exact same peony. Including the ants! Sounds like you and Pat had a wonderful day. :D

  5. Great projects worked in a beautiful setting.

  6. What a nice way to spend time with a friend, stitching and drinking tea!

  7. You're right, the snowman has much more personality with eyes. I loved seeing an ant on the peony. They go together don't they. I have some good memories about my Aunt Betty's peonies and the friendly ants that tended them.