Saturday, June 10, 2017

Snowman Progress

For my hand sewing this week, I worked on two projects...  The first...I did the binding on a donation quilt.  You can see it on my previous post, here.  Yesterday and today, I worked on my counted cross stitch snowman project.  Here he is last week...

I filled in some of the white on his arm and body this week. 

I will be having company tomorrow so there may not be any stitching time but I will have time this week to add more stitches. I think I am going to work on the hat and face this week. 

Last week, my husband and I had a date day in St. Mary's and Stratford.  One of our stops was the St. Mary's museum where this yoyo quilt was on display. 

Here is a close up picture of some of the fabrics in the yoyos.

I did not count all of them but there sure are a lot of them in this piece!

Are any of the slow stitchers reading this post inspired to start a yoyo project???


  1. not me, never been a fan of yo-yo-s but you go for it!

  2. About 20 years ago I made over 200 small yo-yo's, never used them and ended up giving away the whole bag of them.

  3. I much prefer hexagons to yo-yos. But thanks for sharing it is nice to see it. ;^)

  4. I too like hexies more than yo-yos. You can't really quilt a yo-yo, it is more of a covering. Have made yo-yos for blocks in a block exchange and they are fun to make for that purpose.

  5. I like to make yoyos but don't like the effect of a quilt made from them.
    ENjoy your snowman stitching!

  6. Your snowman is progressing. I am going to put tiny yo yo's on the picture I am embroidering at the moment.....well that s the plan, it could all change!

  7. I am actually working on a yo-yo quilt. It was a case of someone else giving away a large collection of yo-yo's and donating them to me. I love them and am in the process of planning how to put them together. I love your Canada pillows.