Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sewing with Jacqui

This morning, Jacqui came over and we did a little sewing. Jacqui worked on machine quilting a table topper--she wants to get it done in time for our London Friendship Quilters' Guild show on October 1st and 2nd. She did not get it finished but it is well on its way to being done.

I worked on finishing up the units for the border of my Carolina Christmas quilt. (I really should come up with another name for this quilt--I am not using Christmas fabrics!)  I still have to finish putting my blocks together before I can add the border.

After Jacqui left, I decided to make a selvage thread catcher for myself. I have had the pattern for a while and I had even decided which fabrics to use.  I used some sewing themed fabrics for my project and fussy cut the pincushion fabric so the yellow and green pincushion would show when it was done.

I think I am going to work on some Christmas gifts now--I won't be able to show any pictures as some of the recipients read my blog. Happy sewing!


  1. you are a very busy quilter. i love the thread catcher, very pretty.

  2. Hey Gail...great job on the thread catcher! It turned out really nice. Thanks for having me over this morning and for the yummy lunch! I am happy with the progress and did a little bit more when I got home. Off to spend another hour at the machine..maybe I can get it all finished!