Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Weekend Sewing

That's me in the photo above. I am hemming the drapes in my daughter's apartment in the city where she is going to university. We moved her into her apartment this weekend and I brought my sewing machine along. She groaned when she saw that I had it with me!-- I think she thought I was going to do some quilting!
We purchased the drapes at Ikea -they come with some iron on tape to shorten them but I think the sewing method works better. My husband hung the drapes and then I pinned them and used my sewing machine to hem them. The sewing machine is on her coffee table and I just moved it from panel to panel to sew the hems. My back did not like sewing in this position! She is all settled into her apartment now and even has her University Quilt on her bed to remind her that we love her.

Tonight, I sewed another sleeve on one of my quilts for the quilt show. Only 2 more sleeves and 5 more labels to go...

This week, I am volunteering in the quilt tent at the International Plowing Match just outside St. Thomas, Ontario. There's lots there to see and do so if you want an interesting outing, come on by!

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