Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Doing my Homework.

This morning, I did some of my Carolina Christmas homework. I put 12 of these 16 inch blocks together and pressed them. This quilt also has 13 of the Fox and Geese X4 blocks in it so they are next in line to be sewn into the 16 inch blocks. That may have to wait a few days as I am helping my daughter to get ready to leave for her 2nd year at university for the next couple of days.

I registered 9 quilts and quilted items for the London Friendship Quilters' Guild "Harvest of Quilts" show yesterday afternoon. This took a while as I had to measure everything to make sure it was in the correct category and then fill out the forms (online) , save them and e-mail them to the person in charge of making the labels for the quilts in the show. Some of the quilts did not have names yet so I had to get the creative part of my brain in gear to come up with those. I noted that I have to do sleeves and labels on some of the quilts. I put one sleeve on a large quilt today while waiting for my daughter at the dentist's office. I didn't take a picture of the sleeve! I am reusing sleeves from other quilts that are now on beds instead of making new sleeves for the big quilts.

I am off to make supper now. We are eating fresh veggies out of the garden everyday now--tonight it is broccoli. Last night, we had green beans. They taste soooo good when they are just picked!


  1. Love your blocks.
    Good luck for the quilt show

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Great idea to reuse the hanging sleeves! When is your show? I'd like to try to get there.