Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Finish!

It was really hot and humid out today! How hot and humid was it you may ask? It was so humid, that when I went outside to take a picture of my phlox which were just coming out into bloom, my camera lens steamed up! The picture above was taken before I wiped the lens off and the one below was taken after.
I actually like the effect that the steamed up lens gave to the first picture!

My husband and I went to the local farmers' market today and purchased 3 bags of fresh fruit and vegetables including this purple cauliflower: We had the cauliflower and some corn on the cob, also purchased at the market, for supper tonight.I put the binding on my children's charity quilt this afternoon so now it is all ready to donate to the London Childrens' Aid Society for a child in foster care. This is one of the charity projects of the London Friendship Quilters' Guild. I used a flannel piece that a friend gave to me for the back.
Here are a few pictures of the flowers blooming in my garden. We have had lots of rain lately so everything is very green and lush.Clematis

Black eyed Susan

Clethra (a flowering bush)


  1. Lovely finish. If that doesn't make some child smile, I don't know what will. I want purple cauliflower! Maybe then my kids will think it is cool enough to eat. But if not, that's OK, more for me!

  2. Had never seen a purple cauliflower! Do they taste the same as the white ones?

  3. Well, I've seen green cauliflower (apparently a combo of cauliflower and broccoli), but never purple - makes for nice color on the plate, I'm guessing! Great little quilt - will certainly make some child very happy!

  4. Yes, it feels chilly around here. Never a white Christmas! Enjoy the warm weather!

  5. I am so delighted with your finished quilt...congratulations! I just know a sad little child somewhere is going to receive a lot of comfort from this gift!
    Your flowers are gorgeous!
    BTW... does a purple cauliflower taste the same as a white one?!?

  6. A couple of people have asked about the taste of the purple cauliflower. It is about the same as the white ones--when I cooked it, some of the brightness came out of the purple. I think it would be good in a salad--it would add another interesting colour for sure!