Monday, July 19, 2010

Sewing with Christine

This is Daisy.
And, this is Piper. Piper and Daisy are Christine's dogs. Last Friday afternoon, I went to Christine's house and we worked on our Carolina Christmas quilts. Daisy and Piper supervised. Daisy licked my toes and my legs while I sewed. Mostly, they slept on the floor near us.

Christine and I were both working on Step 3 and both of us finished off the sewing for this step. Here is Christine's red and neutral chain behind her sewing machine.

And here is my orange and neutral pile.
I cut my chain apart and made a neat pile, ready to trim off the bonus HST's (I am just going to put them into a zip lock bag and bury them, out of sight!) and press.
We are getting together again later this week to sew step 4. Our homework this week--trimming and pressing step 3 and also cutting out the pieces for step 4.

I got my spinning squirrels and maggots blocks sewn together last week and found the material I had purchased for the borders. My UFO goals for this week--put borders on two quilts (Fractured Squares and Spinning Squirrels and Maggots) and finish off my fall table runner. If I have time, I can always quilt my children's charity quilt from a few posts back as well. Lots to do!

By the way, my selvage sewing stool cover is featured on the Selvage Blog today! Take a look!


  1. Found you from The Selvage blog. Love that you have a friend to sew with... all mine are too far away.
    Maggot and what???? Guess I need to look further back into your blog.

  2. Your quilt is really cute, but the critters are really sugar gliders, a very tiny possum, and witchetty grubs, a much valued 'bush tucker' delicacy among Australian Aborigines.

    You are so prolific, and your work is so nice, I think I should just accept the fact that I am a voyeur and not really a quilter.